Selected digital work

EVERYTHING is online now.  So we all want content that reflects the brand and reaches out to our audience.  It's such a creative and interesting space to be working in, especially when you hit a home run and it goes VIIIRAAAALLL.  

More and more of my work is digital content and I love it.  Below are a few examples of the range of content I've produced.


Creative & production company - STUDIO SOMETHING

TITLE - Glasgow Science

Role - Producer

Brief - Glasgow Science is a series of videos from Glasgow Science Centre, where they take on science with a Scottish accent! The aim is  to spark younger people's imagination to explore the world around you.  We produced a campaign of 4 films, climaxing in sending, Terry a Tunnocks Teacake into space.  As you do.  It was streamed on Facebook live to over 200,000 people, made headlines around the world, and even mentioned in the Houses of Parliament.  Below is a short teaser of the 2hr voyage into space.


Creative & production company - STUDIO SOMETHING

Title - Vintage Street

director - DUNCAN COWLES

role - producer

Brief - Part of a digital campaign to show in a documentary style, how life changes can lead to increased alcohol use as we age.  Meet the people who live on Vintage Street and learn why they are drinking more.  

client - innis & gunn

CREATIVE & production company - studio something

TITLE - Adventure Capital

role - producer

Brief - To create a pitch film to be used for raising capital for Innis & Gunn, which reflected the adventurous spirit of the company.  We used the interesting technique of kinetic typography to get across a lot of key messages in a short space of time to potential investors.  Their campaign on crowd cube, smashed the initial amount to be raised by over 100%!

client - tennents lager 

CREATIVE & production company  - studio something


role - producer

Brief - To develop and produce alternative strand to the hugely successful Wellpark concept and tie in with 'Great British Bake-off' final.


Client - Celtic FC  

Agency - number 19 marketing

CREATIVE & production company - freak films 

TITLE - Forever Celtic

role - producer

Brief - To create a powerful and emotive film which appeals to fan's of Celtic FC for their season ticket campaign 2016 / 17.  It involved filming with the current squad, some of the legendary Libson Lions and attending a cold mid week match to try and capture the essence of 'Paradise'.  This all coming from a Hibs fan.

client - The Dalmore Whisky 

CREATIVE & production company - freak films 

TITLE - Signature Serves

role - producer

Brief - Part of a series of 8 short films shot in Paris and London, in which some of the worlds top mixologists use Dalmore whisky in a cocktail and tell us about their passion and inspiration for mixology.  We wanted to portray the brand as luxury and highlight the art form of mixology.