Selected AV projects

AV is quite an ambiguous word.  What is AV? I've been involved with creating AV installations and content pieces and no-job is ever the same, that's all I can say.  It is hugely challenging but due to the interactive setting of them, the results are worth it.  I've designed a computer game, made audio tours, recorded a folk album, produced interactive touchscreen programs and so much more.  

Here a few select pieces below.


AGENCY - DF Concerts

production company - freakfilms  

director - kim gavin

role - producer

Brief - To create a bespoke film to officially open the Ryder Cup Gala Concert at the SECC Hydro in Glasgow and welcome the golfing world to Scotland.  Working with acclaimed creative director Kim Gavin, we created a stunning film which journeys from the remote Outer Hebrides of Scotland, through lochs and glens and finishes at the Hydro itself.  Meeting people who represents different regions of Scotland along the way.  Watched in person by the First Minister, VIP's, both Ryder Cup Teams and thousands of fans and played to the music of Scottish composer Craig Armstrong by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.  A truly once in a lifetime experience in the production and moment of reveal.

Client - National museum of Scotland  

agency - studio SP

production company - freakWORKS

director & animator - andrei staruiala

Role - producer

Brief - To develop and produce an animation, that sets the scene for the exhibition Fossil Hunters at the National Museum of Scotland, introducing Romer's Gap, the 15 million year mystery that saw the transition of life from water to land.  The exhibition ran for 7 months and had thousands of visitors.


AGENCY - Studio MB

production company - freakWORKS

director - andrew donaldson

role - producer

Brief - To develop and produce a narrative AV piece for projection in Old Newcastle Castle which highlighted key moments in recent history that surrounded the castle..  This was produced as part of a wider AV delivery project at Old Newcastle Castle, incorporating live action, motion graphics and sound design. The film is projected onto the walls of the Great Hall on either side of the chimney stack, hence the divider. If you are ever in Newcastle pop in and check it out in all its glory!

CLIENt - Abbotsford Trust

Agency - Studio MB

production company - freakworks

interactive designer - denis mallon

role - producer

Brief - Interactive touchscreen delivery which showcases to the visitor various plans and developments of the home of Sir Walter Scott. This was part of a series of interactive exhibits for the visitors’ centre at Abbotsford House, in the Scottish Borders.  Abbotsford House, near Melrose, which is famed for being the residence of historical novelist and poet, Walter Scott. One of the centrepieces of the exhibition, this interactive piece gives visitors the chance to explore some of the fascinating sketches and plans that were used to build and decorate Scott’s Abbotsford.